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Faustina I, 138-140/1. Aureus, 141-161, Roma. Obv. DIVA - FAVSTINA. Veiled head left. Rev. AETER - NITAS. Aeternitas standing left with globe and rudder. Calicó -; Cohen -. Gold. 7.35 g.
NGC Ch AU* Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5
Ex. Maison Palombo auction 15, 22 october 2016, lot 54.

We do not know of another left facing portrait of Faustina 1st for this type of aureus. Executed with the greatest care, this spectacular gold aureus offers the unique opportunity to possess one of the best portraits depicted on a coin and one which was the archetype of that of Augusta, the matriarchal mother, who gives birth to future heirs of an empire that had become too broad and therefore susceptible because it was insufficiently protected.


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