Lot 68 - Numismatic Auction 8

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3.000,00 CHF

Licinius I, 308-324. Aureus, 317, Nicomedia. Obv. LICINIVS AVGVSTVS. Laureated head right. Rev. IOVI CONS LICINI AVG, SMNΔ in exergue. Laureate and bearded Jupiter, nude to waist, enthroned to left, holding sceptre in left hand and Victoriola with palm and wreath in right; at his feet, eagle to left with head reverted and wreath in beak; all on high podium inscribed on frontispiece SIC X - SIC XX. RIC 20 var.; Calicó 5105 var.; Cohen 130 var.; Depeyrot 26/1. Gold. 5.48 g.
UNC irregular planchet


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